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    To Save Bastogne


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    Overshadowed by accounts of the 101st Airborne Division's gallant defemse of Bastogne in December 1944, the story of the desperate delaying actions east og Bastogne whivch bought time for the occupation and defense of that city by American troops has so far been a closed book to most of the world.

    General Eisenhauer, in his book, Crusade in Europe, admitted that he, and he alone, was responsible for maintaining only four divisions on the Ardennes front in December 1944 and thus running the risk of a large German penetration in that area. He took that risk, however, because it was, as he rightly said, the only way he could continue the offensive operations he felt were necessary. ...."

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    Auteur: Robert F. Philips
    Pages: 283


    Publication: 1996


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