American Web Equipment 1910-1967 American Web Equipment 1910-1967

    American Web Equipment 1910-1967


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    From the earliest times, leather had been the material from which much of any soldier's personal field equipment - his belts, scabbards, pouches, and other miscellaneous kit - had been produced; but in 1880 the United States Army became the first to adopt a webbing to be far superior to leather in many respects, its adoption was at first limited to a dark blue webbing waistbelt looped for cartridges. These loops were stitched around the outer face of the belt, which was closed with a brass 'belt fastener'. The belt provided the soldier with a ready supply of 40 brass. 45-70 cartridges for his single-shot, breechloading 1873 Springfield 'trapdoor' rifle. ....."


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    Éditeur: The Crowood Press Ltd.
    Auteur: Martin J. Brayley
    Pages: 64
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