The World War 2 GI The World War 2 GI

    The World War 2 GI

    US Army Uniforms 1941-45


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    The evolution of the GI's uniforms during World War 2 has had a profound effect upon many armies throughout the world since 1945. The United States Army was the first to apply itself to designing a system of military combat clothing that woud be comfortable, hardwearing, and suitable to the needs of the soldier in all the different climatic regions in which he might be called upon the fight. Until 1941 the major military powers equipped their soldiers with a basic service uniform in which they had to fight, drill on the parade ground, and travel home on furlough. ...."


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    Éditeur: The Crowood Press Ltd.
    Auteur: Richard Windrow & Tim Hawkins
    Pages: 143
    Langue: English




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